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[From the archives: Early 2000]
Allan Gotthelf talks about his book, "ON AYN RAND"

Purchase Allan Gotthelf's book here

The Chapters

1. Life and Intellectual Development (1905-43)

2. Life and Intellectual Development (1943-82)

3. “A Philosophy for Living on Earth”

4. Metaphysics

5. Metaphysics (continued)

6. Perception and Concepts

7. Objectivity

8. Man: The Volitionally Rational Living Being

9. Ethics: The Objective Foundation

10. Virtue, Self and Others (with a brief look at Pollitics and Estheetcis)

11. The Benevolent Universe Premise and The Heroic View of Man


Topics covered include

  • “On Ayn Rand” – at the time of the interview – was the latest addition to the Wadsworth Philosophers Series.
  • The Benevolent Universe Premise and the Heroic View of Man.
  • What value is central to Ayn Rand’s view of a hero?
  • What is reason?
  • What are emotions?
  • Is there a connection between the two?  Are reason and emotions at odds with each other?  Are reason and passion mutually exclusive?
  • Reason and self-esteem.
  • The actress who didn’t believe she needed philosophy.  Why was she wrong?  What’s the danger in consciously discarding philosophy?
  • How should a person gain his philosophy?
  • What is philosophy?
  • What is the meaning of life?  And is mysticism required to answer this question?
  • What is “value”?
  • What does human survival require?
  • What does it mean for a human being “to live”?
  • Selfishness: what is it according to Ayn Rand? Contrasting it with the Nietzchien view.
  • The harmony of rational interests.
  • In Ayn Rand’s novel, "The Fountainhead," Howard Roark gives up a job that would bring him wealth and fame.  How was that, by Ayn Rand’s philosophy, a selfish act?
  • How did Allan Gotthelf first meet Ayn Rand? And what were her first words to him?
  • Dr. Gotthelf’s achievement with “On Ayn Rand”.
  • How Dr.Gotthelf came to write the book.
  • How the book is meant to be used?
  • The origin of Ayn Rand’s name - and a correction.
  • What were the first two titles that Ayn Rand chose for The Fountainhead before she settled on the published name?  Why didn’t she use those names?  Why was she never perfectly satisfied with the name The Fountainhead?


A personal note from PRODOS

"I consider Dr Allan Gotthelf one of the world's top
experts and best scholars in Ayn Rand philosophy.
An outstanding intellect and a first rate individual."

Guest: Dr Allan Gotthelf
Emeritus professor of philosophy at the College of New Jersey and visiting professor of history and philosophy of science at the University of Pittsburgh, where he holds the University of Pittsburgh Fellowship for the Study of Objectivism.

For more information about Dr Gotthelf please check his page @ the University of Pittsburg, Department of History and Philosophy >> click here

Dr Allan Gotthelf is also Chairman of the Ayn Rand Society >> click here



Special thanks to ... Sydney Kendall, Betsy Speicher, Stephen Speicher

 Books by Ayn Rand


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