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Eminent Domain:
Kelo v New London &
The Logic of Destruction

Condemned           Condemned          Condemned            Condemned?

Guest: Erich Veyhl, Property Rights Activist

Topics covered include:

  • To what extent is the 5th  Amendment about granting government the power to take property and to what extent is it about limiting that power?
  • Property rights destruction as a government’s declaration of war against the citizens.
  • The reification of the abstraction “public”.
  • Economic fascism.
  • What is the point of private property?  Why should we be “up in arms” over the abuse of private property rights through eminent domain?
  • How is the right to private property of *spiritual* concern?  How does it affect the creative mind?
  • How today’s use of eminent domain attacks personal values.  The personal intrusion on a person’s life and values.
  • The Kelo Case – did everyone who gave in to eminent domain in this case want to sell?
  • Why did Susette Kelo not want to accept “just compensation” for her property?
  • The original objection to the Bill of Rights.
  • Justice Clarence Thomas’s dissenting opinion on the Kelo VS New London case.
  • The final verdict as written by Justice Stevens – government planning as the god of the scheme to undermine private property rights.
  • ”The Plan” supersedes individual rights, in Justice Stevens’s verdict.
  • The re-defining of “public use” to be whatever the government says is its purpose in the name of the public.
  • ”Promoting economic development is a traditional and long-accepted governmental function.” – Justice Stevens
  • Another way for government to take desirable property: the exorbitant raising of property taxes.
  • Private property under fascism.
  • How long has this been going on?
  • What can listeners do to help wind back the destruction of property rights and the widening of the fascist trend?
  • How did the Institute for Justice do in defending the Kelo case? 



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