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Capitalism The Magnificent 

Dr Michael Hurd, Psychologist, Writer ->
Dr Andrew Bernstein, Philosopher, Novelist ->

  • As well as being practical AND being moral, the Celebrate Capitalism™ campaign maintains that capitalism is also MAGNIFICENT. Literally, actually, objectively so. That's what is explored in this interview.
  • More choices under capitalism.
  • Freedom of the mind vs repression of the mind.
  • Creativity vs boredom.
  • The results of mental repression.
  • The encouragement of invention in a capitalist society.
  • Depression as engendered by a lack - or perceived lack - of choice.
  • The excitement of the entrepreneur, the inventor, the creative mind.
  • “Value intoxication.”
  • The idea of "adventure and romance".
  • Career choice/changing career.
  • The interaction of inventions. Surprise. Unpredictability.
  • What is heroism? Are there more heroes under capitalism?  What’s the greatest service a hero provides?
  • How the division of labor - a key feature of capitalism - opens up more choices for everyone - the opportunity to do what you love most and are best at.
  • Becoming the hero of your own life. 

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