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Why is Statism So UNBEARABLY boring? 

Guest: Dr Michael Hurd, Psychologist, Writer,

Dictionary definition of "Statism": concentration of economic controls and planning in the hands of a highly centralized government. Merriam-Webster Dictionary 

  • Is there a connection between boredom and statism?
  • Fear and the absence of creativity. What happens under the most extreme forms of statism to a person’s mind?  How might this relate to what happens under milder forms?
  • The risk-averse personality and depression. 
  • How a statist government helps instill the risk-averse psychology.
  • The conflict between coercion and creativity.
  • What except physical force can silence active minds?
  • ”You can’t offend anybody” – political correctness – how the government contributes to the sense that you can’t speak offensive truths, even though you won’t be arrested for speaking them.
  • The harassment of Howard Stern by the FCC.
  • ”Community standards” – how they can poison the creative atmosphere.
  • The difference in the effect between private support of the arts versus government support.
  • Government favoritism.
  • Winston Churchill on socialism.
  • Public funding of education.


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