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Education: Glenn Woiceshyn and the "Powerful Minds" project 

Topics covered include
“Progressive Education” - what is it and why is it a problem?  How it fosters cognitive relativism. Its anti-methodology approach. How the "progressive" approach dampens children's love of learning.

Rote learning and how to handle it. The Montessori approach - good for early stages. The influence of Ayn Rand's Objectivist Epistemology on the Powerful Minds approach to developing curriculum material.

The importance of history and historic heroes - a vital part of education. Teaching induction. Teaching courage and intellectual independence.

Why developing the mind should be the primary focus of education. What about social and emotional development?

Contrasting religionist homeschoolers and progressive educators. The bad effects of abandoning phonetics.  How phonetics helps teach thinking in principles. 

Guest: Glenn Woiceshyn, Alberta, Canada
Founder of the Powerful Minds program -> http://PowerfulMinds.ORG


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