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[From the archives]
The Moral and Practical case for Completely Private Education


Marshall Fitz in the USA (Activist, Christian, "libertarian")
Alliance for the Separation of School and State

James Stanfield in the UK (Researcher and writer)
E. G. West Center for Market Solutions in Education

Topics covered include

  • Why do most people assume the solution to education should be government based?
  • Where in the world are most people rejecting government involvement in education?
  • Government schooling as socialism.
  • E G West’s historical studies on education before compulsory government schooling – how did education get along before government involvement?
  • How government schools undermine private schools in the USA, the UK, and Australia.
  • Margaret Thatcher’s reaction when Marshall Fritz asked her what she thought about getting rid of government schooling.
  • The government education system’s failure to teach its teachers the actual history of education before government involvement.
  • How private enterprise and profit could be good for education. Why don’t we learn that free enterprise works so well?
  • How history has been destroyed in the English speaking world by anti-Spanish and anti-Catholic biases stemming from Henry the 8th.
  • The 16th Century Spanish Scholastics (who were pro-free enterprise)
  • Isn’t there a way to make public education work?
  • Public education as a monopoly.
  • The problem with “common schooling" and the lowest common denominator, blandness, conformity, relativism, and “going on feelings”.
  • The aim of government education as breeding conformity, obedience, dependence.
  • The dramatic lowering of the cost of education that should be possible with free enterprise’s transforming innovations. Example of such a transformative innovation that originated in India.
  • Government schooling as a state jobs program for teachers. 
  • Monopoly – can it last very long without government backing?
  • Escuela Nueva in Colombia
  • Who makes the decisions in a government system as to which of the many possible approaches to education the state system will use?
  • What about parents who are irresponsible?  Who won’t educate their kids?
  • In a totally private, free school market will schools likely be larger or smaller?
  • What is a “Dame School”?
  • Can we learn something from developing countries?
  • The three stages of radical change.


E G West Center for Market Solutions in Education (UK)

Alliance for Separation of School and State

Proclamation for separation of school and state
[Prodos: "Please join me in signing this proclamation and declare your support for getting the government OUT of the education business!"]

About the 16th Century Spanish Scholastics -> this is a non-endorsed links provided purely for study purposes



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