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[From the archives: 1996]
Edward de Bono: Movement, lateral thinking, provocation, "po", six thinking hats, wisdom

Topics covered include:

  • About Textbook of Wisdom - Edward De Bono’s 55th book
  • How Chinese technology was far advanced - way beyond that of the West - 2000 years ago.  But Chinese technological progress then came to a dead end.  Why?
  • What has been the driving force of Western science?
  • The value and importance of play and provocation
  • What is “lateral thinking”?
  • Humor – how does it tell us more about the human mind than any other behavior?
  • What is “po”?  How do you use it?
  • Ancient Greek thinkers and their legacy in regard to thinking – their great contribution and its fundamental flaws.  In what way was their contribution insufficient?
  • “Parallel thinking” – the 6 Thinking Hats method.
  • Why is Australia Edward DeBono’s favorite country?  :-)
  • The habits of “wisdom” versus the habits of traditional thinking
  • Arrogance versus confidence.  Confidence as the basis of wisdom.
  • Thinking as a skill; training and practice of the skill.  Thinking can be fun.
  • Traditional approaches to creative thinking – brainstorming and suspending judgment - how they are weak or ineffective.
  • Deliberate provocations as aids to creative thinking.
  • Professor John Edwards' research into the DeBono methods – the “spread effect” of spending a small amount of time practicing DeBono’s methods.  How the methods can help youngsters to gain confidence in thinking and in their ability to master their learning tasks.
  • The “powerful car” analogy.
  • “Social inventions”.
  • Can we improve on the design of democracy?  Weaknesses of democracy.  DeBono’s idea for a new type of democracy.
  • Plus, original poetry by Anita Sinclair

Edward de Bono
Anita Sinclair, Poet

[From the archives: 1999]
Edward de Bono: Why I want to be King of Australia

Topics covered include:

Please note: This interview was done in 1999. References to the American President are about the Clinton Administration. Also, Prodos mentions “my lady, Anita.”  This page is being written in April, 2005 and Prodos has now been married to Sydney Kendall for a little over a year. 

  • "Why I want to be King of Australia" – one of Dr. DeBono’s many books
  • A new concept of a king.
  • Why Australia?
  • The importance of “value sensitivity” in creative thinking.
  • A couple of Internet dangers to creativity to watch out for.
  • A Grand Council of Taxi Drivers?
  • Aristotle – his work was crucial, but not sufficient for creativity. Why?

Dr Edward de Bono


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