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"Prohibitionism" - Banning for a better world? 

Alcohol? Between 1920 and 1933 in the USA - it was BANNED.
Gambling? Andrew Bolt in Australia says poker machines should be BANNED
Smoking? In more and more places is now BANNED

Drug use for adults? Marijuana, ecstasy, heroine, etc.? BANNED

In the firing line for more BANNING: tobacco advertizing, fatty foods, gun ownership, sexy music videos, brothels, pornography, smoking in public, boxing, genetic engineering, junk food, and the list goes on. To try the phrase "should be banned" in Google: click here

The "Prohibitionist" attitude and approach is nicely summed up by Herald-Sun columnist, Andrew Bolt. He's referring to poker machines. But you could substitute all sorts of things instead:

There's just something about them that brings out the worst in us.

AND there's nothing about them that brings out the best. Is there any form of gambling that shuts people off from each other? Is so mechanical? Is so addictive? Is so utterly mindless and without virtue?

Ban them. Help the weak. Ban them. Think of the children. Ban them. Protect the poor. Ban them. Show some heart. Some virtue.

Just ban them.

Historian, Dr Anna Blainey discusses her research into alcohol prohibition and the temperance movement in the USA and internationally.

Topics include: Prohibition in America (1920 - 1933), Australia, Britain, and elsewhere. How the ban was actually not about drinking alcohol, but against producing and selling alcohol. How the consumer was treated as a victim. Temperance crusaders tended to also be for ending slavery - what did these two issues have in common at the time? The role of the Quakers. It was actually not a "Puritan" movement. Early crusaders relied on persuasion and advocated moderation - but this changed to using force of law and advocating a total ban. How Prohibition caused disrespect of law. Violation of property rights. The rise of organized crime. That the backlash and the move to repeal Prohibition was itself based on flawed arguments. And much more!

Guest: Dr Anna Blainey


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