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In Support of the USA-Australia (FTA) Free Trade Agreement

has ALWAYS stood beside the USA. We’ve fought with the United States – for better or for worse – in EVERY major war – including Vietnam and Korea. And most recently in Afghanistan and Iraq. Without doubt, Australia is the most USA-friendly country in the world. We’ve been prepared to fight together and die together for the cause of liberty. Are we now prepared to TRADE together?

Prodos (Australia) and Sydney Kendall (USA) get marriedIsn’t free trade one of the pillars of that liberty which we’ve fought together to defend and preserve? It seems ridiculous and WRONG that there should be any trade barriers between our countries.

The current Australian government – and the current US government – seem to agree. So they’ve been working on an FTA – Free Trade Agreement.

Let’s see if we can get a better understanding of the FTA – what it’s about, what it seeks to accomplish, what are its benefits, what might be some of its pitfalls – and I’d like to also have a look at who is for and who is against the FTA – and WHY.

Topics covered include: How the de-railing of multilateral free trade talks - caused by massive, violent anti-capitalist rallies has resulted in bi-lateral FTA's. What is economically and morally wrong about trade barriers. The opposition to FTA based on a fear that Australia's identity or culture will be adversely affected. Will tarriff cuts lead to unemployment? Greenies who oppose FTA because it brings prosperity i.e. it will increase living standards and therefore lead to using more energy and affect the environment. De-regulation usually leads to better-than-expected good results. And much more!


Dr Alan Moran, Head of De-regulation Unit, Institute of Public Affairs

Michael Darby, Bush Poet, Liberal Party Candidate
(Website not currently available. To contact Michael, write to PRODOS)

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