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PRODOS.COM interview with Bettina Bien Greaves, Life & Work of Ludwig Von MisesBettina Bien Greaves - "Ludwig Von Mises' most loyal student", talks about the great man's life and work

Topics covered include: The personality and personal style of Mises, his views of morality, his passion and unswerving dedication to liberty, accurate predictions of future world events by noting prevailing ideas and ideologies ("as I see from the books being written"), how capitalism has been maligned, gossip regarding run-in with Ayn Rand (but UNVERIFIED), when governments should "do nothing", Greenspan's current view regarding the Gold Standard, the importance and impact of ideas, a BATMAN comic issue based on Ludwig Von Mises (!), the recovery of Mises papers taken by the Nazis and showing up in Moscow, his rejection of anarcho-capitalism and anarchy, the Mises Institute "does a good job ... but ... torn between the teachings of Mises and the teachings of Rothbard", love of opera, and much, much more!

Guest: Bettina Bien Greaves

Link: DiscoverLudwigVonMises.COM

Now out of print, "The Berlin Batman" written and illustrated Paul Pope is set in 1938 Germany.

Batman risks his life trying to rescue the writings of Ludwig Von Mises from the Nazis.

Excerpt from the last pages: "[Batman learned that] Von Mises was working on a new book which challenged Nazi social and economic policies ... He continued work on a book which was eventually published in '49 called Human Action, now considered one of the great libertarian works of our time ..."


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