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What is the Cause of Poverty in Poor Countries?

Why are some people rich and some people poor? Why are some countries rich and others poor? The governments of many poor countries seem to oppose free trade and the entry of big corporations. But the citizens want the corporations and they WANT capitalism.

James Shikwati from Kenya, and Barun Mitra of India were in Johannesburg a few years ago when black Africans took to the streets with signs saying: "Trade - Not Aid" ... "Profit beats Poverty" ... Free "Trade Is Fair Trade" ... and other such views.

When I spoke to them they had just come from a WTO (World Trade Organization) meeting in Sydney, Australia and seen first-hand the anti-capitalist protestors. Their impressions?

James Shikwati: "(The protestors) didn't seem to be informed about the poor people ... and didn't seem to be intersted in the concerns of the poor people."

Barun Mitra: "(The protestors) by and large have little understanding of the issues ... most are not even making an effort to understand the issues."

In this interview they explain their view that: Lack of choice as the cause of poverty. And that overt and covert coercion is the major source of curtailing choice. That includes many government regulations.

Johannesburg, South Africa - Free trade - Not Aid - PRODOS radio
People in poor countries WANT capitalism!


James Shikwati, Kenya, Inter-Region Economic Network

Barun Mitra, India, Liberty Institute

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