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[From the archives]
Alina Fernandez, Fidel Castro's Daughter

Topics covered in this interview include

How did Alina escape from Cuba? What does she think of her father, Fidel Castro?  When the cartoons disappeared forever. Did Alina ever get involved in Cuban politics?  What did Castro say when 14-year-old Alina told her father she wanted to leave Cuba? What was the “Peter Pan” plan?

The Elian Gonzales case – why “parental rights” do not apply in Cuba.  What is family life actually like in Cuba? Health and education is “free” in Cuba – why is Alina Fernandez not impressed? “The Technique of Hospitality”. How the Cuban exiles unwittingly prop up the Castro regime. America’s embargo against Cuba.  What does it allow to get through? What kind of aid did Castro get from the Soviet Union? In what wars have Cuba’s guerrillas participated? The sinking of a tugboat full of children. The failure of most journalists to report on Castro’s worst deeds.

Can a person speak his own mind in Cuba? Can you read the books you want to read? How many TV stations and newspapers are available in Cuba? Government sponsored "protests" in Cuba. Why do journalists ignore the facts of life in Cuba?  Why do they skew the facts to make it seem that Elian would be as well off in Cuba as in the USA? What did Alina think of Bill Clinton? What was Alina trying to do to help Elian Gonzales? How did Elian’s Miami relatives find Elian when he was found alone without identification? Elian’s father.

What would Alina Fernandez like to tell the world about Castro and about Elian?

Note: Since my interview with Alina in Spain she's now living in
Miami, Flordia and has become a radio presenter!

Alina is now a radio presenter in Miami, Florida for
Radio WQBA. Her show
- which I think is all in Spanish - is called Simplemente Alina ("Simply Alina")


Alina Fernandez
Fidel Castro's Daughter. A former model. With her 16 year old daughter, she escaped from Cuba to Spain in 1993. Alina is now a radio presenter in Miami for Radio WQBA

Here's a recent interview with Alina by TimesOnline -> click here

Gerard Jackson
Formerly with "The New Australian". Now runs
Writes extensively on pro freedom issues. A big critic of Castro. And an even bigger critic of Australian and the American leftie media and Hollywood personalities who treat Castro as some kind of hero or superstar.

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