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[From the archives]
The Meaning of the Murder of Dutch Politician, Pym Fortuyn

"When I become prime minister, I'm going to buy one of those Margaret Thatcher handbags and I'll bang it on the table and demand my money back from the government for past bad services." Pym Fortuyn

Popular, flamboyant, openly gay Dutch politician, Pym Fortuyn ("Professor Pym") was portrayed by Dutch, European, and international media as:

Far right, New Right, extreme-rightist, Racist, Fascist, neo-fascist, anti-immigration, similiar to France's Jean Marie LePen, and sometimes even as a radical laissez-faire supporter (which is the exact opposite of statist fascism of course - but these left-wing journalists aren't known for their intelligence).

But Pym Fortyn was NONE of these things.

Repeat: NONE!

Listen to this interview to find out what he actually stood for, what kind of a man he really was, and how wrong, wrong, wrong the media and his opponents were.

One of the key issues discussed in this interview is whether branding him in the above manner contributed to his murder.


Step 1 -> Murder the reputation ...

Anti Pym Fortuyn posters make him out to be like Hitler

Step 2 -> ? ? ? ?

On Monday, May 6 2002, nine days before the Dutch
elections, as he walked out of a radio station, Pym Fortuyn,
age 54, was shot dead at close range by an "animal rights"
activist who
claimed he considered Fortuyn as:
"a steadily increasing danger for vulnerable
groups in society, namely Muslims."

A quote from Pym Fortuyn:
"I don't hate Islam. I consider it a backward culture. I have traveled a lot around the world. Everywhere where the islam has power conditions are simply terrible."


Hubert Jongen, Netherlands (Holland)
President, Libertarian International *

Ronnie Jansen, Netherlands (Holland)
Writer and Dutch Libertarian** activist

* Note: Linking to this site does not imply any sort of "endorsement".
"Non-endorsement" does not imply rejection or criticism of the site or organisation.

** Note from Prodos: Ronnie asked to be billed as a "Libertarian activist". That doesn't mean I support "Libertarianism". But I do know that - labels aside - both Ronnie (and Hubert Jongen!) do a lot of very good work in my view. In any case, within the context of this interview, their knowledge and views are definitely worth hearing. I learned a great deal from them. I'm confident you will too.



BBC News interview: At Home with Professor Pym
Also has lots of other links
But it's all in Dutch.

Fortuyn Voted Greatest Dutchman

Death in Rotterdam: Tolerance takes its toll
Good article by Chuck Colson,
Chairman of Prison Fellowship Ministries

To read about the murderer, Volkder van de Graaf -> click here

Point of interest: The media have referred to this murderer as an "animal rights activist". However, as the above link notes [with my bold emphasis and minor reformatting]

In a press statement of November 23 the Public Ministry announced that Van der Graaf had confessed to the murder.

He said that he planned it for some time beforehand and that nobody else was involved in the plans or knew about them.

He said he saw Fortuyn as a steadily increasing danger for vulnerable groups in society, namely Muslims.

It was thereby a combination of Fortuyn's stigmatising views, the polarising way that he presented them and the great political power that Fortuyn was threatening to obtain.

He saw no other possibility for himself than to end the danger by killing Fortuyn.


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