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Isn't it funny that Capitalism - a system based on individualism - on the idea of pleasing oneself - tends to be BEST at producing products and services that please OTHERS?

Isn't it funny that rugged individualists such as industrialists and entrepreneurs - who work for profit - massive personal profits - many of them ending up as millionaires and billionaires - are also the people who produced the cheapest and most widely accessible products and services for the greatest numbers of people?

And isn't it funny that those periods in human history that most revered and worshipped knowledge and the human mind - also produced the most emotional and PASSIONATE art?

Recently on PRODOS.COM we spoke with Art Historian, Lee Sanstead, about whether history could demonstrate a connection between Freedom and Creativity. It seems there is indeed a strong - very strong - correlation between these two. The closer a society is to laissez-faire capitalism the more prolific it is creatively! And the more statist, coercive or controlled a society the more drab, mundane, repetitive it is.

During this show we examine a particular form of theater: The Musical. We look at its development as a genre - but also try and check whether there is any link between its development and Capitalistic ideals in society: Free trade, individual rights, free speech, free association, rule of law, esteem of reason.


Canadian Art Historian and Teacher, Marc Champagne


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