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Swoop - the hero of Andrew Bernstein's novel, Heart of a Pagan, is not only a visionary, a philosopher, and a genius - he's the world's greatest athlete. And he's on a mission from the gods - the pagan gods of Ancient Greece - to inspire the worship and achievement of mental, physical, and moral excellence!

With the Arts self-destructing, glorifying depravity and the anti-hero, sports may well be one of the last vestiges of heroic inspiration - where man strives for the Olympic credo "Citius, Altius, Fortius" - "Swifter, Higher, Stronger."

Thus, using basketball as a metaphor, through the irrepressible character of Swoop, and the unstoppable, unbeatable Swoop Troop, this story takes us from the conquests of Alexander the Great and the feats of Achilles and Odysseus to the basketball court - and back again!

Topics covered during this interview include:
The integration of mind and body. How, like the Ancient Greeks, we should seek to excel in the use of both! Philosophy as a positive, practical tool for living. The destructive power of pity and altruism. Why Christianity is not religious enough ("it worships a false god"). Note: Although Heart of a Pagan and this interview are not anti Christianity as such, many conventional religious ideas are challenged.

The use of philosophical ideas to achieve extraordinary goals. Why not turn ourselves into magnificent intellectual and physical specimens? What an author personally gains from writing a heroic novel. And much more!

Swoop: "It's not enough to be born. One must be reborn!"

Dr Andrew Bernstein
Adjunct professor of philosophy at Pace University
And at the State University of New York at Purchase
Author of The Bernstein Declaration, the position
statement for Celebrate Capitalism
Senior writer and speaker with the Ayn Rand Institute


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For those who want to:
  • Excel mentally, physically, and morally!
  • Exchange real life stories of inspiration!
  • Learn from the deeds and ideas of great heroes!

Click here to purchase Heart of a Pagan

Read Dr Andrew Bernstein's essay
The Philosophical Foundations of Heroism
(Thanks to Martin Lindeskog for this link)

Michael Jordan's official website

Michael Jordan!

The late Mike Mentzer online @ PRODOS.COM

Mike Mentzer!


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