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Brazillian Government willing to loot and destroy Viracept's creators

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Using the example of the Brazilian Government's threat to seize the patent to AIDS drug, Viracept, we look at how Governments get away with such breaches of property rights.

Robert Tracinski
Senior writer, Ayn Rand Institute; Editor, The Intellectual Activist

Dan Mitchell
Senior Fellow, Heritage Foundation

Topics covered include:
Is Government thuggery back on the rise? The often-used trick of declaring a "state of emergency" as an excuse to trample on rights. Why we need to be very suspicious any time a Government starts talking about "emergencies." Tracinski: "AIDS is the world's first politically correct disease."

The false dichotomy inherent in the "Put lives before profit" slogan. The contribution of altruism to the destruction of rights. The fraud of claiming to "help" people - whilst punishing the Drug companies for their success. How taxes from companies are used to fund their own destroyers.

The widespread notion that profits are bad. Should Atlas go on strike? The possible idea of micro strikes. Brazil's thuggery applauded in the USA and elsewhere. How such actions are monitored by states inclined towards oppression i.e. the "what we can get away with" mentality. How companies are hampered from defending themselves - by their shareholders' structures and by their own short term mentalities.

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