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The Artist at Work
Novelist, Sydney Kendall:
A Turn for deWurst

Sydney Kendall is author of 'A Turn for DeWurst', a thought-provoking novel about a brilliant little girl who fights back against a teacher that is out to crush her mind and spirit. It shows the importance of independence, and of freedom of choice in education.

Author: Sydney Kendall

Topics covered include:
Why is fiction so important? Setting the mood for a novel. How an author's own experiences and personality can be reflected in their work. The nature of the creative process. The growing popularity of homeschooling. How good authors have a primary purpose in writing a novel. The creation of characters. The timelessness of fundamental ideas in fiction. How fiction can express radical ideas better than non-fiction -- showing the practical consequences of ideas and values. "Good versus evil" -- how moral issues stir emotions.


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Alliance for the Separation of School and State

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