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Hector Palacios
Hector Palacios, Democtratic Solidarity Party, Cuba



Hector Palacios is my special guest for this show, online from Cuba.

He's a marked man. A Cuban thought criminal.

It's hard to imagine - in fact it's probably impossible - to know what being arrested, simply for disagreeing with your government could possibly be like. Could you survive it? Could you survive it sixty times?

They come to your door, they take you away. It could be for a couple of hours or a couple of days. Or it could be for twelve glorious, fun filled years. You won't know. They won't tell you. What was your crime? That you thought your own thoughts? That you declared your life to be your own? That you disagreed with the views of a pyschopathic, murdering brute named Castro? This has been the fate of Hector Palacios.

Since the Elian Gonzalez crisis I've gotten to know, love, and admire the Cuban Americans. If you want inspiration talk to a Cuban activist. You want positive? You want courage? You want to be reminded that Communism is not just a "different" system - but that it is thoroughly evil? Or to be reminded that while there's life there's hope - the kind of hope that will fight to the death - knowing that no-one has the right to enslave another human life? Listen to a man who lives this struggle every moment of his life.

In Cuba the idea of having your own shop or gas station is like some great romantic dream. What? Did someone say "dream"? I'll bet you don't have your license to think on you, do you? See that clause at the bottom? You and your dreams. You and your future. You and your children. You belong to Fidel.

PRODOS.COM Radio will support Hector Palacios and all those individuals who seek human rights in Cuba. That's why The PRODOS Institute has set up The Cuba Campaign.

Special thanks to Daisy Gil Ortiz for coping with the demanding job of tranlating between Hector and me (including our humour!) And a special thanks also to Betty Smith who coordinates the Cuba Campaigns "Inside Cuba" bulletins.

Useful Links
  • CubaCampaign.ORG
    Encouraging communication and the exchange of ideas with Cubans towards the establishment of a free state founded on the principle of individual rights. Exposing corruption and state sponsored human rights abuse.

  • AmericanIdeals.prodos.ORG
    A moderated discussion list which includes many Cuban issues and the universal application of the ideas of John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, Ayn Rand, and similar.

  • Valera Project (No link yet)
    Named after Jesuit Priest, Father Felix Valera, this project seeks to gather 10,000 Cuban signatures to trigger a clause in the Cuban Constitution which allows for a referendum. Hector Palacios' plan is to seek: Free Speech, Free Association, Free Elections, Release of prisoners of conscience, Private property rights.

  • The New Australian
    Exceptional articles highlighting the pro Castro sentiments of today's mainstream media in the free world and how that has been instrumental in maintaining Castro's grip.

  • Ayn Rand Institute
    A collection of useful articles on Cuba and Elian covering fundamental philosophical points.

    Transcript of PRODOS interview with Ninoska Perec, Jose Basulto, Edwin Locke, Mark DaCunha.

    Items listed by this major search engine using keywords "Hector Palacios".

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