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These well dressed, well fed middle class kids believe money is evil.

This girl offers the cops flowers. But when Mario tried to enter the building he was attacked by several of her friends and thrown to the ground.

Hey, why are the cops picking on this guy? He's not hurting anyone! Unless they disagree with his viewpoint!


September 11, 2000, 11 AM.
Exclusive coverage.

On the scene for PRODOS.COM: MP

"Shutdown the World Economic Forum"

That is the express goal of The s11, a network of organizations and demonstrators who are protesting outside Melbourne's Crown Casino complex and the Melbourne Exhibition buildings.

Business leaders, including Bill Gates, along with political leaders have gathered in Melbourne for three days to discuss international trade. S11 is not planning just to object to their meeting. It plans to prevent it from taking place.

The demonstrators have formed human chains around the entrances to Crown and are preventing anyone from entering the building.

Mario tried to enter the building earlier and was grabbed by several protestors, and pushed back forcefully. When he said he had to enter to go to work he was told no-one is coming in today, "Take the day off, you don't have to go to work today."

PRODOS: Do you consider physically blocking people from entering the building peaceful or violent?
Britney: (A 15 year old high school student) We want a peaceful demonstration but if it takes violence then . . .

We also speak to Amy, one of the s11 organisers, Ben, at the Union First Aid center, and Scott who is on the human chain at the Crown entrances

At about 11 AM there were a couple of hundred demonstrators gathered. As the report progresses, the numbers rise rapidly to around four thousand. Protestors have been trying to push down barricades, they've climbed onto the roof of one building and are jumping up and down, a large number of protestors were banging on the windows at Crown, presumably to intimidate the occupants.

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