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Dr Michael Hurd, Psychotherapist: "Benevolence is a psychological consequence of valuing yourself. Altruism leads to grouchiness and resentment."

Dr Andrew Bernstein, Philosopher: "Other people are the second greatest source of value in your life"

Issues explored in this discussion:
The connection between rational self-interest and goodwill. The importance of pursuing your own happiness.

The malevolence and destruction which inevitably follows from practicing altruism. Altruism's bloody reign of hate and violence - from Christianity to Marxism, from Eastern religion to Tribalism.

Is Ayn Rand and Objectivism opposed to helping others? Rand's revolution in ethics. How altruism can affect our daily decision making. What rational selfishness is NOT. Helping loved ones, friends, strangers - why and on what basis. The 'help = sacrifice' package deal and fallacy.

The benevolent 'mind set'. The potential value of human beings and the principle of 'innocent until proven guilty'. The function of courtesy. And lots more!

A support network for Objectivists in serious trouble and those who wish to help.

Dr Michael Hurd's website - books, tapes, radio show.

Andrew Bernstein discusses Heroism

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Transcription coming soon - thanks to Adam Burford

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