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Understanding Drug Use. Part 1 - From the viewpoint of users.

UNDERSTANDING DRUG USE - Part 2: Can drug use ever be rational?

Dr Ellen Kenner: "Do the drugs actually serve their emotional purpose?"

Dr Andrew Bernstein: "Emotions are rightly the consequence of our achieving our values."

This is part 2 or our two part series exploring the use of drugs. Please listen to Part 1, below, before proceeding.

From the Ayn Rand Institute, Psychotherapist, Ellen Kenner, and Philosopher, Andrew Bernstein examine the issues raised by 'recreational' drug users Peter and Fiona.

Topics covered include: Can there be a safe use of drugs? Would there be anything wrong with invoking pleasure, confidence, ecstasy by direct stimulation of the brain? The cause-and-effect connection between emotions, values, action. The issue of escapism, recreation and fun. Using drugs to deal or alter feelings. Can 'cocaine confidence' be transferred to everyday life? Achieving the virtue of independence. Emotions as a reward for achieving values. Emotions as signals that guide us. Can one be better off in any way by using drugs? Given the potential life offers is drug use selfish enough?

Dr Ellen Kenner's Radio Show, Publications & Psychotherapy services

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