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Erich Veyhl, Property rights activist and writer:
"I found that Washington D.C. is far worse than I ever imagined . . . I learned how few good people there are, standing between us and disaster"

100,000,000 acres - 30% - of America is now owned by the Federal Government. CARA (The Conservation & Reinvestment Act) makes billions of taxpayers' dollars available to buy out private property and maintain it as 'pristine wilderness' - i.e. free of human intervention.

Since that day twelve years ago, when Erich Veyhl happened to notice an article in The Boston Globe showing how the National Parks Service planned to designate his property as part of a national park, he has been fighting at the moral and practical level to protect his and others' property rights.

We discuss: The ideology behind the destruction of private property. The Fifth Amendment. The trickery and lies used by government agencies to acquire property. Tips for effective activism. And much more!

Erich Vehyl's Property Rights Website
With a comprehensive collection of articles and analyses

American Land Rights Association (defending property)

About CARA: The Conservation & Reinvestment Act (destroying property)

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