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Al Capone with mother
Young Al Capone with his mother

Thomas Edison with mother
Bronze of young Thomas Edison
with his mother

Does it make you wonder?


In the 17th Century, John Locke identified the fact that using force to get one's way degraded, not just the victim, but the wielder of the force. In the 20th Century, Ayn Rand identified the connection between coercion and mental paralysis - "Force and mind are opposites" - and went on to identify the sort of social system most conducive to human consciousness - laissez faire capitalism.

Professor Darryl Wright, a senior writer with the Ayn Rand Institute, and an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Harvey Mudd College presents a thorough, step by step exploration on the relationship between coercion and human consciousness.

Topics covered include: How does force actually stop or paralyse thinking? Can't a person who's being coerced still think? The nature of thinking and its connection to reality and the pursuit of values. Why isn't being fired from a job coercion? Does the use of force in self-defense destroy the mind? The state of mind of a criminal. How force isn't the only way to paralyse human thinking. How abandoning reason at any level will ultimately lead to coercion. And much more!

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Transcription coming soon - thanks to Adam Burford

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