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A talk with Dr Chris Leithner (Queensland University, School of Business. Head of Leithner & Co Investments) on some basic ideas in economics and investment thinking.

In general economic principles we look at the "Austrian" School of laissez-faire economics represented by the likes of Ludwig Von Mises, and Friedrich A. Hayek. In investment ideas, Benjamin Graham (the father of security analysis), and Warren Buffet.

Also discussed:
The contrasting views of Keynes (who was friendly with Hayek it seems). Methodological individualism. The practical problems of government controlling economic activity. Social justice. Why market forecasters get it wrong so often. The decision in the 1930's to opt for market intervention when a "hands off" policy would have been better. Chris Leithner's experience in lecturing to up and coming public servants. The notion that the government must provide the money and the answers. The latest fad: "ethical investment".

. . . And Ayn Rand's statement:
"Wealth is the product of man's capacity to think."

Leithner & Co Investments

The History of Austrian Economics
An interesting and informative page except for the last few paragraphs which veer off into silliness and self-promotion.

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