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The Storm by Pierre-Auguste Cot
The Storm by Pierre-Auguste Cot

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Dr Ellen Kenner - - psychotherapist, radio show presenter, senior writer with the Ayn Rand Institute, wife of Harris:
"Being in love is like taking a bath in selfishness . . . It's like a perpetual birthday party."

Betsy Speicher - Activist - Founding Editor, The CyberNet - wife of Stephen:
"The more thought that goes into finding romance, the more successful you'll be."

Topics covered include: What does a woman look for in a man? What does a man look for in a woman? Differences and similarities. Why do we NEED love and romance? Why pursue it? Are we 'incomplete' without a 'soul-mate'? What to look for in a soul-partner. Keeping the love alive - over decades. The feeling of "I'm melting" that comes with being in love.

How the internet may be changing some of the old rules - maybe for the better! The importance of being good at introspection. The two broad areas that most need attention. Understanding your emotions.

Practical suggestions such as: "go where the action is." Real life examples. Personal experiences in seeking, achieving, and maintaining love and romance. The role of friendship. The role of sexual attraction and compatibility. Giving and getting feedback. Surprises :-)

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