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Write a point form description of a PRODOS.COM show
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This is very straightforward - although it requires an ability to distinguish the essential from the non-essential points. You simply listen to the interview and note the topics or issues which are brought up during the interview.

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Regular contributors will, from time to time, get to preview interviews before they become available to the public.

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Here are three examples of this sort of point-form description:

Example 1. Very detailed.


Topics covered include:
The modern rejection of audiences and objective standards in Art. The descent into pure subjectivity and irrelevance. How the market is part of objectivity. Modern contempt of audiences and reality leads modern artists to seek state support i.e. to forcing people to 'buy' their work.

How artists flourish under Capitalism. Does the Capitalist psycho-epistomology express itself as realist Art? Contrast the ancient freedom-loving, this worldly Greeks - with the dictatorial, stagnant Egyptians. How interest in the mind connects to political freedom and the Artist connects to Nature - rather than arbitrary dictates and dogmas.

The Greeks, as founders of objective art.

Scoop: Lee Sanstead reveals for the first time the significance of the Greek's Temple of Aphaea at Aegina. We only touch on it in this talk. But an indepth discussion of it's significance will be online shortly.

The dictatorial cultures of the Middle Ages bred 'abstract', elitist, other-worldly Art. We contrast this with the Rennaisance and its rising economic freedom and prosperity. How the 18th Century's establishment of individual rights and the supremacy of reason was implemented by the 19th Century to create an 'explosion' of the Arts.

Under Capitalism, Artists live longer, can make millions, can dedicate their entire lives just to producing their art. For instance, Bouguereau started a pauper, achieved recognition, made millions.

Does Capitalism compromise artistic integrity? Do you have to "sell out" to get rich? Sensuality of pro capitalist art.

Can't afford the original? Buy a poster. Buy a CD. Buy a toy. Capitalism has made possible the mass marketing of images and merchandise. With a CD of the Star Wars soundtrack, you can have the London Symphony Orchestra on tap!

Ayn Rand as an example of a radical artist who died a millionaire. In a non capitalist system or era she might have been burned as a witch or a heretic! The example of the 19th Century Sculptor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens who ran his sculpture shop as a business.

How many artists have come out of Afghanistan? What new ideas in a land where representations of the human figure were destroyed and even humming to your baby or clapping unauthorized rhythms were outlawed by the Taliban.

Art CAN NOT flourish in a non or anti capitalist system. Only in Capitalism is physical force banished - it is the system of the mind and most conducive to creativity.

Funding of the arts - private and public. The creation of great art as memorials, including the Statue of Liberty as an example.

Capitalism and human creativity go hand in hand.

Example 2. Moderate detail.


Topics covered include:
Is Government thuggery back on the rise? The often-used trick of declaring a "state of emergency" as an excuse to trample on rights. Why we need to be very suspicious any time a Government starts talking about "emergencies."

Tracinski: "AIDS is the world's first politically correct disease."

The false dichotomy inherent in the "Put lives before profit" slogan. The contribution of altruism to the destruction of rights. The fraud of claiming to "help" people - whilst punishing the Drug companies for their success. How taxes from companies are used to fund their own destroyers.

The widespread notion that profits are bad. Should Atlas go on strike? The possible idea of micro strikes. Brazil's thuggery applauded in the USA and elsewhere. How such actions are monitored by states inclined towards oppression i.e. the "what we can get away with" mentality. How companies are hampered from defending themselves - by their shareholders' structures and by their own short term mentalities.

Example 3. Very brief.


Topics covered include:
Sophisticated organizational structures and technologies used by Neo Nazis and "extreme right (don't you "hate" that term?) groups." Past and current examples. Can current laws cope with the problem? The dangers of censoring the web.

Some non-government, free market solutions. Modern trend towards direct action and emotionalism. Can one combat stupidity and prejudice? How education can help. How young people should approach the internet

Write an article based on a PRODOS.COM interview
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News article
This would be an "opinion neutral" report based on the essentials of the interview. Of course, determining what is "essential" is far from a neutral exercise. Length can vary. From a couple of paragraphs to whatever.

Examples of news reports.

Here's one written in a lively style:

Space Tourist Comes Back To Earth
(AP) Hurtling upside down through space, Mark Shuttleworth sped back to Earth on Sunday, bringing to an end a $20 million journey that the South African space tourist said he would willingly repeat anytime.

Here's a more serious style:

Chirac Re-Elected in Landslide Victory
PARIS President Jacques Chirac defeated ultra-right candidate
Jean-Marie Le Pen in a landslide in the French presidential runoff Sunday.,2933,51958,00.html

Opinion/Commentary piece
This puts forward a case or an argument. It's not just news. It would use the material of the interview - such as quotes and facts - but can add other, outside material also.

It might further elaborate or extend positions presented in an interview. Many/most PRODOS.COM interviews have a particular thrust and often revolve around a particular campaign. The article would usually have to be consistent with that.

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